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Quality Testing

Essential Oil Quality

To ensure that we consistently provide our customers with the purest essential oils, ME works with an independent lab that utilizes all techniques available to test for purity and quality.

Gas Chromatography (GC), Gas Liquid with (GLC), Mass Spectrometry (MS):

  • GC or GLC: Gas Chromatography or Gas Liquid Chromatography is a measurement tool that is able to vaporize each molecule of the essential oil and quantify the percentage of the constituent present. It DOES NOT tell us what that constituent is. The percentage information is the area under the peak represented on a graph; while the peaks represent the individual constituent. (Individual constituents identified by MS testing)
  • MS: Mass Spectrometry determines the molecular mass of each molecule, identifying each constituent of the essential oil; each constituent being represented on the graph as a peak

GC/GLC & MS Testing performed to ensure quality and purity:

  • Essential Oils are free of pesticides
  • Essential Oils are free of synthetics
  • Essential Oils are unadulterated
  • Essential Oil chemical constituents are in the range necessary to be effective for intended use


To preserve freshness and potency:

  • Store essential oils in glass containers
  • Store essential oils in a dry, dark area that is kept at a constant cool temperature.
  • Tightly secure all caps to limit air exposure and minimize oxidation.